The goal of this wiki is to cut through innuendo, rumor, spin, PR, convenient omission, and personal bias and to deliver just the facts. It was started on September 28, 2011, after Jared Wright suggested the idea to me. I already had some personal notes to start from.

I do not take credit for all of the content of this wiki. Already I have gotten help from a few people (especially Jared Wright). You can join this wiki, too! Hopefully this thing catches on. My hope is that it becomes a community effort. It'd be great if other folks can buy into the ideas embodied in my editorial guidelines and start contributing accurate information about a wide variety of topics of interest to the Adventist community. There is a huge need for this, and many hands make light work.

I hope that this project becomes useful to anyone with an interest in the Adventist community regardless of their cultural or theological predilections.

—Robert Jacobson

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