To Do List

Before you start

Read the editorial guidelines before doing anything. Before editing an article, check the discussion page for that article to make sure there are no special instructions for that particular article. When in doubt, ask.

How to write the wiki code

Writing the code for pages is pretty easy if you have the Quick Reference in front of you: There's also the full documentation: I've found that it's really easy to accidentally put in an extra space or to leave out a space that needs to be there and then be completely confused why the code isn't working, so just watch out for that.

When you need to add a bibliography item it's usually easiest to copy and paste it from somewhere else, usually the La Sierra University Timeline page. That has the added benefit of keeping all the citation labels consistent across the whole wiki which is really useful if you want to copy stuff from one article and paste it into another article.

The To Do List

Random stuff

  • Check to see if Shane's email was ever incorporated into the timeline and add the citation.
  • There are grammar issues all over the place.
  • Alphabetize the "cast of characters" page. It's driving me nuts!

Add to timeline

  • recent events regarding the LSU lawsuit.
  • recent events regarding the joint proposal and firing of LSU board members.

Add to Educate Truth article


There are multiple problems with consistency, including:

  • LSU vs. La Sierra vs. La Sierra University
  • How people are addressed, e.g. Dr. Wisbey vs. Wisbey vs. President Wisbey vs. Randal Wisbey….
  • The format of the bibliography. News articles are italicized when they should probably be in quotes. But in some places in the text they are in quotes. Names of publications (e.g. The Review, Spectrum Magazine, AToday) are sometimes italicized, sometimes not.
  • Original bolding/italicizing is sometimes dropped from quotations, sometimes kept.
  • Bibliographies should be in chronological order (by publication date).
  • Internal links to other documents. For example, references to Carlos Cerna should point to the article dedicated to him.
  • “smart quotes” vs. "normal quotes"

Articles that do not yet exist but should.

  • List of claims of policy violations/governance problems.
  • Janelle (Moorehead) Shives letter/story/petition.
  • List of actions taken by LSU.
  • Adventists of note that have been critical of LSU.
  • LSU-3 Lawsuit. (possibly several pages?)
  • List of syllabi cited by critics of LSU.
  • The MCEC vote.
  • WASC and AAA Accreditation
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