Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

The goal of this wiki is to cut through innuendo, rumor, spin, PR, convenient omission, and personal bias and deliver just the facts. This document explains what that means for us.

It is impossible to be completely objective. If you feel that a part of WikiTruth is unfair or biased, talk to the editors at moc.liamg|stcafhturtikiw#moc.liamg|stcafhturtikiw or bring up the issue on the discussion page of the offending article.

Editors and their conduct

Anybody can edit this wiki. If this policy becomes a problem for some reason, we may change it. But right now, feel free to join the site and start editing.

Content Policy

This policy is evolving.

  • Every fact comes with a citation. The one exception is generic facts nobody would dispute such as, “The GC headquarters are in Silver Spring, Maryland.”
  • A “fact” takes the form, “So-and-so reported that X happened,” NOT, “X happened.” Sometimes (usually) it is appropriate to have the “so-and-so reported” part implied by the citation, and that is ok.
  • We do not link to material whose legal status is in question, for example, due to copyright law or state and federal privacy law.
  • We do not use anonymous primary sources.
  • We do not cite unknown people on the internet who "heard from someone in the know…".

Violations of the content policy should be reported to WikiTruth (moc.liamg|stcafhturtikiw#moc.liamg|stcafhturtikiw).

Style guide

For the sake of consistency, try to stick to these rules when editing this wiki.

  • Use internal links to other articles when appropriate. For example, whenever Carlos Cerna is referenced his name should link to the article dedicated to him.
  • Avoid words of personal judgment, e.g.: amazingly, attack, etc.

How to cite a document published on WikiTruth:

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